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Motivational drivers of a sales team
Motivational Drivers of a sales team

One of the biggest mistakes organisations make when it comes to motivation, is to assume that everyone is motivated by the same things. It seems obvious, but you only have to look at the incentives an organisation will offer, to drive sales performance, to see how they can be inspirational to some and demotivating to others.
We work with a number of tools that allow us to find out what motivates a particular sales team. This information is then invaluable to tailor incentives and work out the best way to motivate and inspire individuals.
The results are usually different to what's expected, largely because we tend to view and judge people by our own motivational drivers
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"I once worked at a company where the first prize for sales performance was a week in the Sales Managers caravan (Please note that second prize could have been two weeks). To a group of 20 somethings to be inspired by this, is hardly likely, interestingly the winner took the thrird prize which was 50 cash" - Graham Price

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